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Timeshare resort in tropical location.

Timeshare Exit Lawsuits

View Timeshare Exit Lawsuits by Attorneys in Nevada from The Law Offices of Sussman & Associates.

Our timeshare exit attorneys have settled and negotiated numerous cases on behalf of timeshare owners against abusive timeshare resort developers.


GeoHoliday Vacation Club

Our timeshare attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada have settled tens of thousands of cases against several timeshare developers, and released timeshare owners from their burdensome and costly memberships, and in some cases won the return of down payments and attorney fees.

Mass development of timeshares.


Playa Grande Resort

Our timeshare exit attorneys in Nevada have settled timeshare exit cases on behalf of owners of Playa Grande Resort.


Promotoria Sunset Group Resorts

Promotoria Sunset Group Resorts is another timeshare developer that our attorneys have settled timeshare exit cases on behalf of owners.

Orlando Florida timeshares.

 Our Nevada timeshare attorneys are experts in protecting your rights as a consumer and can help you successfully exit your timeshare contract.

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Timeshare Attorneys in Nevada


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