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Steps to Take When Hiring a Timeshare Attorney

Are the never-ending timeshare fees becoming a serious burden for you? Then you will need to take certain steps when hiring a timeshare exit attorney.

If you are timeshare owner in Nevada who is tired of paying high maintenance fees, cannot book desired travel dates, and discover that the resort membership is not what the sales rep promised, you may have to hire a timeshare exit attorney.

Hiring a Timeshare Attorney
Steps to Take When Hiring a Timeshare Attorney

Choosing the right timeshare cancellation attorney in Nevada to help cancel the timeshare contract is a significant decision, and making sure that you pick the most qualified and experienced attorney in for your case is crucial.

Finding the right timeshare exit attorney entails more than just Googling "Attorney near me". Below are some specifics you'll need to consider as you select the right attorney for your case and some of the questions to ask your lawyer.

Do you need a Timeshare Attorney?

Before you start doing research to find a timeshare exit attorney, be sure that your timeshare exit situation calls for an attorney. There are certain situations when a timeshare owner can handle things on his own and others when legal help necessary. Such factors that may require the assistance of a timeshare lawyer:

  • Confused with the timeshare law Timeshare membership can affect everyone differently. One owner might be fine handling things with the resort developer on their own while others may feel confused by all the timeshare legal process. If you're feeling in over your head, such as scratching your head about the timeshare exit process and legal information in front of you, hiring a timeshare attorney may be the best option.

  • The resort has legal representation Most timeshare resort companies have high-powered attorneys working for them. For most timeshare owners, it would be difficult to confront them on their own without strong legal knowledge and expertise. Hiring a timeshare exit attorney to defend yourself is a wise choice in this case.

  • You could lose money If you could lose a lot of money in a lawsuit, hiring an timeshare attorney is a smart way to go. For example, if you're working through a high mortgage loan, working with a timeshare attorney can help mitigate the money necessary to get of the contractual obligations and keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

  • Fraud is involved Whether it's misleading information at the sales presentation, or being told a timeshare is an investment, your maintenance fees will never increase, or told you can book a vacation anytime and anywhere you desire, then finding out this is not true, an owner has a legitimate argument for fraudulent behavior on the part of the timeshare resort.

Timeshare Attorneys provide the legal help you need

Realize also that lawyers can help in situations where there isn't a litigation proceeding. Even something like writing a cancellation letter could require legal help.

If you have disputes or complaints against your timeshare resort, you should sign up for a free consultation with a recognized timeshare exit law firm.

You want to make sure your timeshare cancellation efforts are done correctly.

Timeshare Owners are in a situation where they often think that a timeshare attorney is necessary:

  • Vacationers have been sold timeshare interests by major timeshare developers through misrepresentation, lies, and illegal sales tactics. Many discovered after returning from their getaway that the timeshare was nothing like they thought it would be.

  • The entire timeshare exit process includes pinpointing the many possible reasons why timeshare owners could be released of the contract obligations.

  • Some timeshare owners were told not to worry and look at the contracts two weeks after you return home.

  • The costs of owning a timeshare increase yearly, and many owners have suffered buyer's remorse after the purchase.

Start the timeshare exit process by contacting our timeshare attorneys today.

Timeshare owners should ask, "Was there misrepresentation, fraud, coercion and/or failure of consideration involved?"

Once you've decided that you need an attorney, you'll have to decide which attorney has the best record of successfully releasing owners from their contract.

With over 40 years of experience, our Timeshare Attorneys in Nevada are dedicated to consumer protection.

We specialize in real estate matters with a concentration on timeshare law, and as such our firm has a unique understanding of the pitfalls of timeshare ownership and what is essentially a non-existent secondary market of timeshare resales.

Our timeshare attorneys can successfully cancel your timeshare contract.


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